About us

Strominnate Therapeutics is a spinoff of Lund University, pioneering the development of a new era for treating tumors and conditions of the nervous system. Founded in 2021 we are now in an exciting development phase. We have an excellent team covering the essential expertise to bring this product to the market.

We have attracted over 1.8 MSEK, coming from soft money from competitive grants for entrepreneurship related to Lund University and from investors.


CEO Founder

Tania Ramos Moreno

PhD in Neuroscience. Researcher, educator & Entrepreneur.

Tania Ramos-Moreno is founder and CEO of Strominnate Therapeutics AB, and currently a guest researcher at the Stem Cell Center in Lund University.

She holds a PhD in Neuroscience and brings an extensive background on cell and gene therapies for treating disease and tumor in the central nervous system (CNS).

She has characterized and discovered the immune cell that the company uses for treating brain tumors, and brings experience on leading international groups in diverse academic environments.

Inventor and holder of the patent behind the company, she has also been obtaining funds from a diverse scope of funding agencies.

Lars Hedbys

Chairman, Advisor and Board Professional

Lars Hedbys

PhD in Pure and Applied Biochemistry. Board Professional and advisor to life science industry. Partner at Ventac Partners.

Lars Hedbys holds an M.Sc. in chemical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and a PhD in Pure and Applied Biochemistry from the University of Lund. He is since 2006 a partner of Ventac Partners.

Lars has 30 years' experience from management as well as board roles in the life science industry. He has a long career with AstraZeneca including Vice President roles in R&D and general management. He is also co-founder of a number of life science companies and has held CEO and General Manager roles in Sweden as well as international. Lars is currently board member or chairman in a number of private as well as listed life science companies and an active private investor and advisor to the industry.


Board member, Investor

Eddie Thordarson

LU Holding​ PhD in Chemistry.​ Management and business development in the medtech- and pharmaceutical industries. ​

Eddie Thordarson holds a PhD in Chemistry and is a portfolio manager at LU Holding with 20 years of management and business development in the medtech- and pharmaceutical industries.

Among other positions, Eddie was the CEO of Magle Chemoswed and COO at A1M Pharma. Eddie chairs Strominnate Theraputics AB’s board and assists the CEO in growing the company and board, and with financing its operation.


Board member​, Business Developer

Cecilia Jädert

LU Innovation​. PhD in immunology and inflammation. Science communicator. ​

Cecilia Jädert Widblom, business developer at LU Innovation, holds a PhD from Karolinska Institute in immunology and inflammation.

Cecilia has been working in the pharmaceutical industry at AbbVie as a medical advisor with a focus on biological drugs before and after marketing approval in inflammatory diseases.

Cecilia is a member of  Strominnate’s Therapeutics AB board and assist the CEO in developing the company and with financing operations.


Board member​, Investor

Mathias Lidgren

PhD, Health economics. Medical doctor in Skåne University Hospitals &​ Board-certified specialist in clinical genetics. Sitting in a number of boards.​

Mathias Lidgren, is a medical doctor and board-certified specialist in clinical genetics, currently working as a (postdoctoral) researcher at Biomedicinskt Centrum in Lund University and as a consultant clinical geneticist at Skåne University Hospitals.

He studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and has subsequently practiced medicine in the UK, Switzerland and Sweden. He also holds a degree in genetics from University of Cambridge, a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the International University of Monaco, and a PhD in Health Economics from Karoliniska Institutet.

He sits in various boards of directors in family-owned companies.


Board member​

Julio Enriquez Perez

Medical doctor &​ PhD in Neurosurgery.​ Founder and board member of medical supply company and an organic food company.​

Julio Enríquez obtained his MD degree at the International University of Ecuador and his PhD in Clinical Medicine, Neurosurgery, at Lund University. His main research interests are the tumor microenvironment, tumor immunology and immunotherapies, with focus on malignant brain tumors.

He is currently tjänstgöring at Skåne University Hospitals.

Julio is also a founder and board member of SmartScience, a medical supply company, and of La Martha, an organic agriculture company, both in Ecuador.